What to do in the event of damage to baggage?

In case of damage to or loss of your baggage, you are covered by baggage insurance. The policy covers - within the sums insured - your entire baggage as well as your valuables such as jewelry, laptops, film or video equipment. The insurer will reimburse the baggage’s current value.

Please note that processing of claims concerning damage to baggage requires the loss or damage to be reported to the local police and that we need their corresponding confirmation.

For your notice of claim, please use our claim forms.

Notification of damage to baggage is handled by:

Abteilung Leistung (Claims Department)
Eisenerzstr. 34
53819 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid
Email: claims@dr-walter.com
Tel: +49 2247 9194 -31
Fax: +49 2247 9194 -20

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