EDUCARE-WORLD is no longer offered. Of course, insurance cover continues to exist for all contracts already concluded.

To ensure that you can start your stay abroad with the best possible security, we recommend PROTRIP-WORLD, the insurance for worldwide travel and longer stays abroad.

Insurance - Quick & Easy

What is required to qualify for EDUCARE-WORLD?

You can be insured through EDUCARE-WORLD if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your maximum age at the commencement of the contract is 39 years.
  • You belong to the insurable group of people defined below.
  • The insurance policy is purchased prior to departure for the entire duration of the stay abroad or after departure for the remaining period of the stay abroad. Please notice our information about the waiting period if you apply for insurance more than one month after crossing the border.

Insurable group of people

To qualify for EDUCARE-WORLD, the main purpose of your stay abroad needs to be further education abroad. It is considered to be further education abroad if you take part in an exchange program as:

  • high school participant
  • Work and Travel participant
  • language and exchange student
  • participant in another educational or cultural exchange program

If the main purpose of your stay abroad is further education, insurance cover includes any periods without further education abroad within the insurance period applied for.

Geographical scope
The insurance provides coverage while the insured person is traveling in a foreign country. A foreign country is deemed to be any country world-wide, except the country of which the insured person holds nationality or in which the insured person has permanent residence (home country). In addition, worldwide cover is provided up to 6 weeks. If you interrupt your stay abroad in order to visit your home country, cover will also be provided up to 6 weeks.

How to get EDUCARE-WORLD insurance

Quickly and easily online
Click here to and you will immediately receive your insurance certificate.

Start of insurance

Provided the appropriate premium has been paid, insurance cover begins on the date stated in the insurance certificate but not before starting your stay abroad.

End of insurance

Insurance ends automatically on the agreed date. Insurance cover ends on the same date, but not later than at the end of the stay abroad. Where a return journey at the end of insurance is not possible for medical reasons, the insurer’s liability to pay extends to the date where a return journey becomes possible.

Waiting period

The insurance needs to be purchased prior to departure, or up to 1 month after departure, for the entire duration of the stay abroad or after departure for the remaining period of the stay abroad. (However, the maximum duration of insurance is 24 months.) Should the application for insurance be submitted later than one month after border crossing, the waiting period for medical claims will be 14 days from the issue date of the insurance confirmation. No waiting period applies in case of accidents and medical help aiming to prevent acute danger to the insured person's life or when the insurance was purchased subsequently to a prior insurance. In this case, please hand in a copy of your prior insurance.

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