EDUCARE-WORLD is no longer offered. Of course, insurance cover continues to exist for all contracts already concluded.

To ensure that you can start your stay abroad with the best possible security, we recommend PROTRIP-WORLD, the insurance for worldwide travel and longer stays abroad.

Visa requirements for exchange programs

What you need to know if you want to spend some time abroad as high school student, foreign language or exchange student or as Work and Travel participant.

Visa requirements in general

If you want to take part in Work and Travel outside Europe or the European Union, you need a visa. In Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and some other Asian countries, you can apply for the so-called Working Holiday Visa, which was designed especially for Work and Travel and is offered to backpackers from all over the world by the respective countries.

A prerequisite is, inter alia, international health insurance for the complete duration of your stay abroad. Some programs already include international health insurance without any further costs. Sometimes, the organization will recommend a certain insurance policy and sometimes you will need to take care of insurance cover yourself. It is vital though that you should never travel abroad without having proper international health insurance.

Particularities in the USA

In the USA, special rules regarding Work and Travel apply. Unlike New Zealand, Australia or Canada, the USA do not offer Working Holiday Visa to Work and Travel participants. Thus, the possibilities of traveling to and working at different places ar limited. But don't worry: there are other possibilities of combining working and traveling in the USA. The J-1 visa was especially designed for exchange programs. With a J-1 visa, you usually work at a particular place for a while, and afterwards you have the opportunity of traveling for a limited period of time throughout the USA without any restrictions. Please notice, however, that certain prerequisites need to be fulfilled for obtaining a J-1 visa and that these prerequisites differ from program to program.

EDUCARE-WORLD meets the strict USA visa requirements (J-1, J-2, F-1, F-2 visa)

Insurance type
Required coverage for J-1
illness and accident
US $100,000.00
unlimited coverage
medically necessary repatriation
US $50,000.00
unlimited coverage
transportation costs
US $25,000.00
unlimited coverage

In addition, EDUCARE-WORLD offers the following advantages:

  • insurer with an excellent rating ("AA" by Standard & Poor's),
  • direct billing and emergency service in the USA and in Canada,
  • toll-free 24-hour phone number in the USA and in Canada,
  • unlimited coverage of outpatient and inpatient treatment.
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